33 16v PAS RACK REMOVAL-Copyright Alfisti.co.uk 2002

May not be the best way, but it works-

Jack up cars front and support nice and high. Take off front wheels.

Drop exhaust at front, support if poss.

Undo the fluid supply and return hoses at rack- oil will come out. One of the nuts has a metal pipe which fouls it a bit-, push pipe with screwdriver with care.

On RHD turn steering to rh lock to make it easy to undo tie rod bolts at rack. Use ball joint splitter to undo tie rod on drivers side(RHD) and remove rod from car.

Pull off plastic cone piece and turn steering so that the rack doesn't stick out where the cone was.

Undo and remove the lower steering column in car.

Undo the 4 bolts securing rack to firewall.

Support the gearbox extension with a jack undo the 2 support bolts at back.

Loosen the top engine mount (DONT remove bolt), lower rear of gbox support and thus rear of engine.

Pull the rack out of the tie rod hole on drivers side (RHD). This isn't easy and the manual says take off the strut, which will help, but may not be needed. Dont damage the boots unless you are junking the old rack!

Big tip:- Make sure the column slides nicely onto the rack splines off the car before you put it back. It may need to be cleaned up and greased. Much easier off the car!!