16v Timing belts brief guide © alfisti.co.uk 2002

Set the engine to TDC firing on No1 cylinder- 'T' on flywheel and rotor arm points to no1, and timing marks on sprockets (both sides) should be as follows-

Inlet sprocket (top) has 2 notch marks at 6 O-clock, and exhaust sprocket (bottom) has 1 notch mark at 12 O-clock pointing up the middle of the two notches on the inlet sprocket above it.

Do No1 and 3 side belt first (drivers side on RHD car). Release tensioner nut, pull tensioner back and re-lock nut up. Change both belts keeping the timing marks set. You may need to devise a tool for turning/holding the sprockets by their holes (perhaps lenght of wood with 2 large bolts put through)- DONT USE A SCREWDRIVER ON TEETH.

Release tensioner nuts to tension belts, and then tighten up nuts a bit.

Turn engine over by hand a couple of times by using a spanner etc on the crank pulley nut, and re check timing marks above.

Now turn the engine over by hand until the triangle mark on flywheel shows and the other marks ( either 'T', or triangle) on one sides timing sprockets are in line. THIS IS DONE ONE SIDE AT A TIME- BOTH SIDES WILL NOT ALL LIGN UP TOGETHER.

Loosen and retighten tensioner on that side. Repeat for other side by turning engine until marks as above line up.

Turn over engine again by hand, and finally re check the TDC and main notch marks all still line up correctly after the belts have settled.

NOTE- Everyone recommends changing the tensioner and idler wheels too!!- The idlers are very easy, but the tensioners need to be pressed off- can be done with a good vice.