Alfa Romeo owners (alfisti) and propsective owners tend to be a knowledgeable and enthusiastic type of 'car person'. The world famous motoring presenter and journalist Jeremy Clarkson even said "you can't be a true petrolhead until you've owned an Alfa Romeo"  in an episode of  BBC TopGear.

With this in mind, used (or new) Alfa Romeos for sale need to be presented well.

Buyers will want to see lots of photographs, including the whole body, the interior, and of course the engine bay. If you are in a position to take underside photo's, add them too.

Take the best pictures you can, in good light, and a nice location always makes a car look better than one parked next to the bins.

An impeccable, or at least good, service history is normally a must. Often invoices from the 'right' specialist are as desirable (or even more so) as those from a main dealer. Parts invoices from work carried out by a competent home mechanic on older cars will be valuable too, particularly to the astute private Alfa buyer.

If a car has known faults, don't try to hide them. Disclose them, and show any damage if possible using photographs. These will put some buyers off, but not all, particularly if the price reflects the issue/s. However, no one wants nasty surprises having travelled to see a car.

Include the registration number in the listing details and/or photo's, unless it's a brand new car. Most buyers will now know to check the government's MOT checking webpage to view the car's MOT history.

Try and avoid cliched jargon, such as "first to see will buy". Stick to the facts that buyers want to know, such as year, mileage, condition, specification, service history, colour, and of course price.

As Alfa enthusiasts, we obviously want to show the best cars and the best listings to our users.

If you need any advice about selling your Alfa, before placing a listing on, please feel free to ask any questions by using our contact form.

Good luck with the sale/s!


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